Zak Bagans


Documentary filmmaker, paranormal sensitive/empath/investigator, Host/EP for Travel Channel's #1 rated Series Ghost Adventures Season 9 Premiere's Feb

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1972 days ago


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SuperStarMami 1969 days ago

What a beautiful night!

nikolew1 1970 days ago

I love full moons. They definitely do something to me.......and so do u.

nikolew1 1970 days ago

I hope u would b up all night, if u were with "me" that is....;)

Moka424 1971 days ago

Love the pic, but what are those blue specks above and to the left of the moon?

EvilDeeds1 1971 days ago

Me too!!! I am so sensitive I can never sleep on a full moon!

StrawberryaYum 1971 days ago

You're so Silly Zak! But I do love the Full Moon

VocaloidLover 1971 days ago

Odd light reflections on your window (if thats what those light dots are)

DQVIDQ 1971 days ago

When aren't you up all night?

Jencren 1971 days ago

Lol. Good luck with that. Pick someone old!!!

MsNiki3 1971 days ago

uh? I'm waiting for ours.. lucky.

xRedRuMx510 1971 days ago

And I would love to keep you company all night too

Kenderlicious 1971 days ago

There's a she wolf in your closet let me out so I can breathe.....Awewooo:)

myksbzgrrl6 1972 days ago

loooove it :) is it warm there?

kat_see 1972 days ago


darkdiva86 1972 days ago

: "You know ladies...all the sweet talkin' in the world isn't going to get your stockings filled by Zak and Aaron. ;)" LMAO!!! nice one, ateh!

-That just made me crack up! Good job ladies!!

paris221966 1972 days ago

I see it too. Pretty picture :-)

CDChyld 1972 days ago

Oh how I wish it wasn't so foggy here, so I could see the moon.

ObNoXuS 1972 days ago

Love it! :)

NYCRedhead 1972 days ago

OMG Pay attention to the banal and superfluous. Ignore the man behind the curtain, damn it!

Corbstah 1972 days ago

hey look at the pic i just posted of the moon over here!! :)