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1726 days ago


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2009clan 1720 days ago

Olsada yesek :D

doodooguy 1723 days ago


MrDisci 1724 days ago

That seems like a suspiciously specific statement to me. Trying so hard to show that it is a tree makes me think it isn't a tree... it must be a green blob cleverly disguised. You can't fool us, green blob!

SirValor666 1724 days ago

IMA TREE!!!! /-\
/ \
/ \
/ \
/ \
______________ =D

crow3654 1725 days ago

Epic cookies! :D

cacaoh615 1726 days ago

i am a tree is funny, CAN I HAVE A COOKIE!

LinkuSL 1726 days ago

i am a tree reminds me of

Ironhorn17 1726 days ago

I'm a tree too. XD

_Alethia 1726 days ago


NalokAE 1726 days ago

Lol, reminds me of hiimdaisy's Let's Destroy the Shagohod! "I'M A TREE" "Oh okay then"

Brega_AE 1726 days ago

Lol i'm a tree. i like cookies o.0

TimeSage 1726 days ago

I am a Tree. Reminds me of WoW. Was in a cave with falling lava. The word Lava appeared when moused over.

MrSebi 1726 days ago


dystopiandino 1726 days ago

Lulz, I am a tree. Koo koo kachoo, I am the walrus.

GriefAE 1726 days ago

make a cookie with "no, you cant be a mod" on it. It would make my day. XP

Avgg_AQW 1726 days ago


Chaoselemental 1726 days ago

hmm, maybe I should make AQ cookies :3

Ropun_TSD 1726 days ago

Nice cookies, Cy! ("I'm a tree"? Lol!)

Need_a_new_name 1726 days ago

If you are a tree then i am a walrus.

AQWmedal 1726 days ago

na its not a tree its a um....boat lol nice