I am the real Steve Nash.

Me, @jareddudley619, and his brother - pregame vs the raptors

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2404 days ago

Me, , and his brother - pregame vs the raptors


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Christy_888 2323 days ago

yeah, man. everybody in the GTA knows who that is. that's Superfan, Nav Bhatia. His dealership is in Mississauga, I think and yeah - has an awesome courtside seat.

dudebert1 2325 days ago

the NBA -- its turban-tastic

LamTiffany_ 2326 days ago

isnt that superfan? :P

LamTiffany_ 2326 days ago

isnt that superfan? :P

DimplessForever 2358 days ago

thats really jareds bro?????? cooL

520suns 2364 days ago


Max_In_Missouri 2401 days ago

Hmmm... that's a shame

MikeyGrigsby 2402 days ago

Unless I'm greatly mistaken that's a Sikh turban, not Islamic.

LuvsThePhxSuns 2403 days ago

Haha...this picture is so good, looks like he is plotting something here, too cute!

reddecaesari 2403 days ago

is that a basketball in his turban or is he just happy to see you

guccimalcom 2403 days ago

yooooooooooooooooooo i never knew jared dudley was muslim wow u learn new shit erryday now i fuxx wit him kuz we both h8 pork lol

beamoore61 2403 days ago

Steve you're aging like fine wine (one I would like to take & drink from)love watching u play. Hope 2 c the Suns in playoffs this season.

sunsgal31 2403 days ago

Almost hurt myself it!

betsybazan 2404 days ago

haha nash ur missing headgear too!

klimnet 2404 days ago

That's Nav Bhatia! He owns a bunch of Hyundai dealerships in T.O.!! "You can get a 3 door accent for only NINE NINE NINE FIVE!!!"

MinneMike 2404 days ago

I saw that movie, "Two men and a turban"

hunterxaz 2404 days ago

hahah 3 guys you'd never expect to be in a picture together. awesome

quarterblack 2404 days ago

thats not REALLY his brother right?

ddritzenhein 2404 days ago

Cool Photo Nash

LamTiffany_ 2404 days ago

When ever i watch the raptors games i see him sitting right behind the basket. nice pic!