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Just recording the eccentricities of the people I live with/am.

Started my bout of toast-fanart today: @amandapalmer and @neilhimself as they go together. :D

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2607 days ago

Started my bout of toast-fanart today: and as they go together. :D


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BBakerTX 2606 days ago

On toast huh? Hmmm. Gotta love it!

NokoMarie 2606 days ago

Someone's just trying to butter them up.

Moogiemom 2606 days ago

Why am I the first one to comment that this is not the first time that and have been toasted. :) Thanks . Nice work!

marcosvkdias 2606 days ago

Oh My God! it's is great!

Shepherd_o_sins 2606 days ago

What an original way to create art! Have you found a way to preserve it for posterity, or just photograph it?

Nurulface 2606 days ago

Freaking hell. That's really awesome.

elliottfranks 2606 days ago

I guess everyone here is wondering...did you eat them afterwards?!

bcaton2 2606 days ago

It's a miracle! We must gather and worship the spontaneous emergence of the images of the holy ones!

indilflo 2606 days ago

oh my! this is absolutely wonderful!

caseyjarryn 2606 days ago

haha! thats actually amazing!!

fluitt 2606 days ago

This is really unusal... want strawberry jam....

Lydiarisfaking 2606 days ago

this is actually so great!

QueenxNina 2606 days ago

How on earth do you do that??! It's crazy-awesome.

emillyorr 2606 days ago

Toast...fanart. That is wild.

JosieRiordan 2606 days ago

Intriguing. How do you do that?

xluciferax 2606 days ago

that´ great ;)