Up-close, final paint of Pandaren Brewmaster

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1846 days ago

Up-close, final paint of Pandaren Brewmaster


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NEAR2219 1845 days ago

Awsome! paint is great! but more fun will be much better!!

Dreakken 1846 days ago

Looks great! I love that they went for a more mature look as opposed to the "cute" look of the vanity pet

AriStormreaver 1846 days ago

Amazing detail and craftsmanship, but I think it's taking itself too seriously - should have been more fun (I always think Friar Tuck)

WeeDaftie 1846 days ago

I thought the same thing, it absolutely looks like a Gene Simmons Panda. Nicely made though, I appreciate the progress shots.

michael_wynn 1846 days ago

I don't understand the decision to have him look mean.

_DRKS 1846 days ago

Fucking nice, i want one so bad.

cacetapunk 1846 days ago

Yeah, its gene simmons
But gene hates alcohol!

spatss7 1846 days ago

Has a bit of a Gene Simmons thing going on, in a good way.

lurx 1846 days ago

'Tis Awsome!