I guess my mom had too much fun tonight! LOL

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1887 days ago

I guess my mom had too much fun tonight! LOL


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MsNessa_Vee 1612 days ago


Valentinabender 1690 days ago


iBeenTheBoss 1739 days ago

lol YA'll have a Blust iSaw this photo on MTO tlking Junk. thats a Shame ppl take a JOke nd run with it.

librataurus 1747 days ago

ur mom still looks fab!!!

maryspearsgaga 1774 days ago

ownnnn poor Kris

ladydino5100 1781 days ago


MonetFenty 1791 days ago

rofl wowerzzzz

KissMeJordanK 1791 days ago

OMG!! LMFAO!! Does your mom know you posted this one???

ShafiahYvette 1800 days ago

WOW. LMFBAO This is a major reason y i do not drink.

hoperoseSTFU 1803 days ago

LMAO khloe what did you doooo bless her x

Lexus4u 1803 days ago

You guys r sooo bad, oh em gee funny!!!

TaylorGodisLove 1816 days ago

Please tell me what ur mom said wen she saw this!!! lol

karissaaalynn 1817 days ago

ahahahahahaha lmfao :) niceee

vizzlesquizzle 1817 days ago

lmao luv it

vizzlesquizzle 1817 days ago

lmao luv it

GerrenAlexander 1818 days ago

lmfao!! so rude

MaurPhee 1819 days ago

noty daughters....... xixixixi...
but, keep it up, u KARDASHIANS..!!!

Dulac420 1820 days ago

that how i like'em

Luiqidk 1821 days ago

omq!!! Thats tooo much I feel bad for her!!! She gonna kill you when she sees diz!!!

jennasmith10 1821 days ago

nice shot bruce