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Meet "Boots"...sssssssssss.....

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2678 days ago

Meet "Boots"...sssssssssss.....


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keypen123 2601 days ago

keep him away from your puppies.....dinner you know!

TapTap9 2604 days ago

o yeah sexy snake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

brieluvspickler 2617 days ago


Lindolly 2622 days ago

HOLY CRAP! THAT SCARED THE CRAP OUT OF ME. Like as soon as I opened this I was like "AAAAAAAH!" xD

cateracowboy 2625 days ago

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwww!!hate snake,they make me feel all creepy-crawly.

MadisonNeeley13 2639 days ago

if he stops eating, that means hes getting ready to get you. just saying.XD

OracleDBA27 2644 days ago

Nice Macbook, I have one as well.. Although it's hard to see with that snake in the picture.. :P

KeeleyJM 2651 days ago

I have a Ball Python!!

newelcomer1 2666 days ago

My Mom would freak out if she saw this!

maggiemae_ 2671 days ago

I have a ball python too! Our snakes could be buddies! hahaha.

north_clt 2671 days ago

She's getting BIG!

Tas13 2672 days ago

Oh dear goodness. I love his name. I thought you were posting a cat picture and missed the H on the sss. I so get the name and love it. and snakes too. Shhh, Don't tell my Ratlets I said that.

ThatJulyy9th 2675 days ago

Oh my goodness! You are one brave girl!!

DeborahLor 2676 days ago

has it grown to b 5 feet yet?

JNCx 2676 days ago

Kellie. You are one brave girl, I'd say. He got much bigger from 's video.

Ksen_1 2676 days ago

im scared hahaha, thats creepy

clairerees 2676 days ago

That's so scary!!!

sophiec91 2676 days ago

Well it's grown since it was on 's video. Yep. 5 feet ;)

RozmaryTV 2676 days ago

Oh my gosh Kellie, how do you do it? D:

teiamassengale 2677 days ago

Looks just like a snake my son had! It was always wrapping itself around his arm or hand too!