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The bidding will start at $1000.

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2074 days ago

The bidding will start at $1000.


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jackosometrades 2063 days ago

Drunk off fermented three year old fruitcake, Jim gets a tattoo.

nomonono 2070 days ago

hey it says da da over in the corner. that must by the style:)

h3ll0buddy 2070 days ago


the_N0 2072 days ago

dear jim, you should get it tattooed.

killersmiss 2073 days ago

did jim jr create this?

WhoIsJanine 2073 days ago

aww, did your son draw this? because it would be a little weird if you did.

NathanFouche 2073 days ago

Wrap it in bacon and you have yourself a deal.

NathanFouche 2073 days ago

Wrap it in bacon and you have yourself a deal.

grizzcheese 2073 days ago

like the drawing. but i do feel u didnt put much emphasis on the turkeys goodle (Neck Goiter)

AceOfVegas 2073 days ago

So, uh, Jim. I take it that this was the result of you being the worst bowler in the group.

sardonic1 2073 days ago

The dilation is beginning at 7cm. Labor pain before brown sloth inches forth.

jahenx5000 2074 days ago

I'll throw in a Hot Pocket as surplus payment. And in turn, the Hot Pocket will give you violent diarrhea.

BrittanyFurlan 2074 days ago

You are really bad at coloring.

HDVB 2074 days ago

I'll give you $1,250 and a hot pocket!

zhenyaax 2074 days ago

do you take cheese checks??

Deviousbeej 2074 days ago

of course...turkeys are supposed to be blue...and green...oh c'mon turkeys dont wear hats.

Jodie__Girl 2074 days ago


MforMurderer 2074 days ago

My fine eye has noticed that this is a replica of the original and classic "Colorful Inebriated Turkey". You swindler! ;)

misterflex121 2074 days ago

one billion dollars thts my final offer

bizerkerr 2074 days ago

100 bucks and 10 doughnut ham hamburgers