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Former Drummer with ThrimbleWeed and the Vegetations

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1686 days ago


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carlamariabrad 1532 days ago

Clarkson!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh yes yes yes. He is sooooo obnoxiously funny.

raise_it_up 1677 days ago

I Wanted One Of Those Chairs... :P

hannahabnormal 1677 days ago

oh yes!! the killers are behind jezza's head! X)

Rahlon 1683 days ago

Was a brilliant show!

ImmyW88 1684 days ago

Oh how did I miss this Muse and charlie brooker on one show fook.

HannahBartramm 1685 days ago

haa those chairs that you had were soo funny

PixieeeeDust 1685 days ago

Ha ha I can totally see Laurence thinking "don't touch me"

SEL1963 1685 days ago

What a line up. Best looking one is in the middle...............

AmandaArrrr 1685 days ago

Muse and Clarkson! YESSSSSSS!!

Dawn_Annesley 1685 days ago

what a line up - love that there's somany glasses of water & 1 bottle of beer - that HAS to be Jezza's x

_Peter_May 1685 days ago

apart from clarkson well worth watching , turn the sound down when he comes on and stick the ipod in my ears

_Peter_May 1685 days ago

like Peter Kay , change the k in his name and you get my name..clarkson would be better suited for limbaugh in the states , probably has a right wing friend called scooter .. I will turn the sound down when that chump comes on and listen to some music .

ralilovag 1685 days ago

Clarkson and MUSE together... it's a must see :)

ralilovag 1685 days ago

Clarkson and MUSE together! It's a must see :)

knickersgirl 1685 days ago

Can't wait!

Paul1376 1685 days ago

Looking forward to this one immensley. Fishburn does look awkward though. lol

daveboy79 1685 days ago

How awkward does Mr Fishburn look.

pancakes87 1686 days ago

OMG MUSEE!!!! ekkkkkk!! cant wait!!

jamesinnit 1686 days ago

what a line up!

unluckybread 1686 days ago

Loving the mini bong on the table in front of Clarkson, oops! :) Love it