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Chris "redneck" horner does have a pickup (or 2) but he prefers twitterland to see his other car.

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2430 days ago

Chris "redneck" horner does have a pickup (or 2) but he prefers twitterland to see his other car.


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stevedumire 2418 days ago

Nice Stang!

h00v3r 2426 days ago

you guys could be like, "got a question? ask the eightball" ("a question" being "where can i get some blow?")

h00v3r 2426 days ago

i'm glad you and horner are now bff's and you gave him a nickname - next, you should bury the hatchet with boonen and start calling him "eightball"

ryanh129 2428 days ago

Dang Horner...nice ride!

mrecos 2429 days ago

Hot damn! That is bitchin'! Nice ride Horner.

annemiekeh 2429 days ago

Check out http:/ shanteau.cancer. He credits both you and the LAF, really good to see

numptyhead 2429 days ago

Guys, you need your TT helmets painted by this guy mine's the alien head design, awesome!

joeyTWOwheels 2429 days ago

I don't think anyone has said this yet, so I will. Sweet.

kyleRu 2429 days ago

Holy Cr*p! Really nice. Van Halen or Ozzy?

chiefmd12 2429 days ago

very nice

James_Rai 2429 days ago

That is one cool car. Still I'd rather have his bike :P
Lance talk about his inner feelings? not on twitter with tabloids...

vickygal 2429 days ago

Oh and BTW Jeff better be planning a special "Lance" dessert for you at Hudson's this year...or he's gonna have to answer to me...I mean it...I wanna see some God Damn yellow bikes...8 of them...

brianandkat 2429 days ago

Hey Horner, got any nitrous oxide under that hood???

vickygal 2429 days ago

no...really...please...tell me how you feel right now...I'tcha wish you were in Austin having a burrito and a beer...Chuy's HH is nice...i like the water...but what happened to that enormous, ridiculous mechanical fish head...does it eve

jwnelson 2429 days ago

the car shines almost as much as his head does! =)

spelcher 2429 days ago

Looks like your car from Overhaulin...Sweet.

Eric235x 2429 days ago

I bet he's got a gun rack in the back of that too.. gotta stay true to his roots.

brianandkat 2429 days ago

Nice car, Horner...I mean Redneck.... are you riding on 18's???

tereortega 2429 days ago

A car very old

CONTADORFANS 2429 days ago

I prefer the Audi Q7 of Alberto Contador