Zak Bagans


Documentary filmmaker, paranormal sensitive/empath/investigator, Host/EP for Travel Channel's #1 rated Series Ghost Adventures Season 9 Premiere's Feb

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2351 days ago


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yeehawcountry 2310 days ago

dont smile might crack ur face!!!

Cereal_Is_Epic 2313 days ago

him* -.-

Cereal_Is_Epic 2313 days ago

ROFL @ Nick in the background and Aarons face makes me wanna give hi a lollipop.

BrookieWuvsYou 2327 days ago

Aaron's face... I swear... it should be on The Morning Show or something...

jigamomma 2328 days ago

I agree. Ur adorable but Aarons faces ROCK! lol U GUYS R THE BEST! XOXO

nicolettelove87 2341 days ago

hahaha aarons hilarious.

SuperStarMami 2347 days ago

Love this pic!

AgnethaFan 2348 days ago

is that your girlfriend? :)

myksbzgrrl6 2349 days ago

So Ur having fun there I C!!! I hope so... Damn! some people are Absolutely Lucky!!! acrophobic btw... awesome! :) ----(I--

hopeformee 2349 days ago

your as cute as ever. and aaron makes the best faces.

illfatedsoul 2350 days ago

evil eyes lol haha aaron!

Danibec34 2350 days ago


MWKvanessa 2350 days ago

AWW!! that's totallyyy freaking awesomeeeee!! =D

CeciVR 2350 days ago

YAY!! =D who are those people? :) haha Aaron! I LOVE YOU ZAK!! *hugs ya* LOVE YOUUU!!

vampieconfessor 2350 days ago

happy gooble gooble day!!! oh yea dont forget to hunt down for ghost while ur at it lol

purebloodfanpir 2350 days ago

Love it

sandra_c 2350 days ago

Happy Thanksgiving, guys!!

Rosadelapaz 2350 days ago

happy thanksgiving day!!! everyone!!

sarah_1187 2351 days ago

lol looks like you guys are havin fun:) have a great thanksgiving!

nikolew1 2351 days ago

Zak, have a great Thanksgiving!!!! U r such a gorgeous man!