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Staff Neurosurgeon, Emory Clinic; CNN Chief Medical Correspondent; Exec Prod/Writer of TNT's medical drama Monday Mornings

last picture. rebecca in the sari.

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2500 days ago

last picture. rebecca in the sari.


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kkimmy513 2448 days ago

Everyone is commenting on your wife, but i have to say you look awesome. She is the lucky one.

mvpstuff22 2452 days ago

this is a lovely photo!

aantallen 2465 days ago

If you don't mind my saying, you have an absolutely gorgeous wife! And 'Foreign ki kudiyaan' look very cute when they wear traditional dresses.

joni_baba 2487 days ago

nice pair

drvirendrasinh 2489 days ago

Looking great

drvirendrasinh 2489 days ago

rab ne banadi jodi

skppriya 2493 days ago

Wow! Mrs Gupta looks amazing in the sari. You're not bad yourself. ;-)Wonder if she can teach me how to wear one since I still do not know how (embarassing, I know)

apolonia_milan 2493 days ago

Mr. & Mrs Sharp as a Tack!

DaveSends 2493 days ago

You had an invitation, right? LOL

dentalisland 2493 days ago

beautiful couple ! !

MyPetsRule1 2494 days ago

You both have class and show your down to earth nature. That is class all on its own! Nice to see a happy couple! Keep it the same!

TayTiz 2496 days ago

Are you the sanjay gupta from my english book ??!! =S

Jyoti50 2498 days ago

Wow! your wife looks amazing. I am glad she decided to wear a sari. You both look out of this world!! Please keep posting the pictures. It is nice to see your favorite doctor being so humane!!!

panky100 2499 days ago

Looking very nice pair Dr Gupta

jgshah 2499 days ago

Dr. Gupta, She looks so Beautiful in Sari! Very Cute Couple:)

Robert_Valente 2500 days ago

I see you are wearing "Army Gloves" - that is, hands in pockets :(

tanyaphoto 2500 days ago

This is the best photo of all. You both look stunning! Wish we could have been there with you...

hey_pal 2500 days ago

Gorgeous couples.Remind me of my friend in Saree.

veritaz 2500 days ago

Yowzer! thank you for sharing.

ewbh123 2500 days ago

She is stunning! Sounds like it was a fabulous night.