Zak Bagans


Documentary filmmaker, paranormal sensitive/empath/investigator, Host/EP for Travel Channel's #1 rated Series Ghost Adventures Season 9 Premiere's Feb

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1770 days ago


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ShawtyMaynee 1716 days ago

pew pew pew

GOTHICVAMPRIP 1725 days ago


MissIndianaJone 1753 days ago

WHOO HOO!!! Thats my kinda stress relief too! Nothing like gettin your gun off when you're uber pissed at the boss ya know!

futureghosthunt 1754 days ago

I know what you mean by stress relief its very relaxing.... in the creepiest way possible

sarahbearsweeti 1760 days ago

hell ya baby you wanna take me with you

Luci_L 1760 days ago

Oh yes baby!!!!!

miagiac 1764 days ago

I guess that will work off the stress u have from all those bad ghosts! Next time try a massage ;)

deadrock98 1767 days ago

is that a Glock?

wigglez234 1767 days ago

scary scary ok dude i swear to god i didn't do it i swesr. just just be cool dude it's all good. jk jj go zak

raquelloveszak 1768 days ago

zak u r a girls dream! rock on! so hot!

Traceuses333 1768 days ago

AWESOME!!!!, I want to learn how to shoot a gun!, my father was in the Navy, though never taught me how to use one, as much as I begged him too, but they are heavy!!!

KweenKim 1769 days ago

HELL YEAH! Nothing sexier!

AmyAngel911 1769 days ago

The best stress relief ever!

Jenn_Higgins 1769 days ago

Are you modest?? Can I (only ME!!) get a shirtless photo of you holding that gun?? SO SEXY!!!

rachypoo1234 1769 days ago

What now? Are you gonna start shooting angry spirits???! :D Sometimes I think you guys think you're on Supernatural . . .

EVALOVESGA 1769 days ago

ooo, the perfect way to relieve stress

nacechik 1769 days ago

OH ZAK, I am sooo on board.

ittybittytwit 1769 days ago

There is nothing like shooting a gun to relieve stress. Zak's got the right idea here. Sexy & badass!

spookymun 1769 days ago

how 'bout a round of golf?: )

ObNoXuS 1769 days ago

Hells Yeah!! :)