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It nears. 11/25

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1763 days ago

It nears. 11/25


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TheRedShirt 1761 days ago

Quite obviously an undead wielding the nerf bat.

Prejudice1987 1762 days ago

Its a collectable Pandaren model

dixxer 1762 days ago

hm the movie?

Nulgar 1762 days ago

did some comments get removed? The grey stuff in the background looks like bark, while the thing in the front could be a Tauren horn or a staff, so I'm guessing new druid tree skins/model.

stagen 1762 days ago

It's a screencap from the teaser movie to their new MMO tbh.

3Justincase3 1762 days ago

I'm going to back up the undead hunter theory

jakp3 1762 days ago

OMG i cant wait to see the movie!

xnkxz 1762 days ago

This is Tauren! Muhahah

RealityMine 1762 days ago

That's a staff and wrapping around it.

Skareey 1762 days ago


JonathonLee91 1763 days ago

"That monocle looks familiar..."

That monocle...is on an undead on a loading screen lol :)

JonathonLee91 1763 days ago

and the other pic seems to have bone in it as well

JonathonLee91 1763 days ago

Or it could be an undead wielding a bow. I think it looks like disfigured bone. And Undead are going to be able to be hunters in cataclysm.

almair 1763 days ago

It's a screencap from the Warcraft movie. The redish stuff are bacers, a sculpture is in the background.

Nulgar 1763 days ago

Like the previous one, looks like a model of something out of household items...
Since Leviathon said tauren horn, and the whitish thing in the background looks like bark, plus the "jewelry", maybe new Druid tree skins?

PvPSiennah 1763 days ago

I think that movie idea is a great one. Its set to release 2011...now would be the perfect time to put out a trailer especially with the anniversary going on.

Leviathonlx 1763 days ago

Looks like a tauren horn.

uubergeek 1763 days ago

pretty sure it's the new statue for the main blizzard lobby

Broadcastorm 1763 days ago

it must be a new sculpture for birthday

000li 1763 days ago

is it someone from the new warcraft film that will be coming out? i hope it is :D