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Here are the place settings for tonight's State Dinner. (CBS News photo by Frank Thorp)

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2616 days ago

Here are the place settings for tonight's State Dinner. (CBS News photo by Frank Thorp)


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himtoenotbetter 2607 days ago

And where are the Salahis sitting?

Alamar9 2616 days ago

Geez...guess all Presidents are/have been Panderers...just saying...

CavesWoman 2616 days ago

No but I do think it is pandering.

Alamar9 2616 days ago

So are you all saying that the culture also has bad taste?

CavesWoman 2616 days ago

I think it is an insulting attempt at Baliwood.

Shopgrrl81 2616 days ago

That is a beautiful table and honors the love of color that Indian culture embraces.

crystalyn49 2616 days ago

OMG!! one word......YUCK!!

CavesWoman 2616 days ago

Ugh! Think they realized this is the only true way to go "green" after the email hack?

vinod559 2616 days ago


cgwife 2616 days ago

The greens don't even match. ICK

velvethammer 2616 days ago

OMG That color scheme is HORRID! Talk about putrid. What's with the gold chairs too? T.A.C.K.Y

FlorMGOP 2616 days ago

I would say this same thing of this if it was used by a Republican --> Very bad taste!

FlorMGOP 2616 days ago

They are using green because of Al Gore...

clearmoon22 2616 days ago

Keep yo' pimp hand STRONG! (Surprised the chair cushions aren't purple, and where are the rhinestone-encrusted dollarsign ($) napkin rings?)

ChapsAnderson 2616 days ago

This is a joke, right? No! Then can I have the name of the interior desecrator responsible for this? I want to go back to the 70's!

AlphaFound 2616 days ago

Somebody call the style police because the decor is going to cause an international incident. Good grief, man!

Princetrumpet 2616 days ago

I hope they're not inviting Superman. I hear hates Kryptonite.