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Happy 26th birthday to Alberto Contador today.

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2999 days ago

Happy 26th birthday to Alberto Contador today.


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Letticewin 2922 days ago

It looks like double the candles that should be there!

soix7 2993 days ago

Feliz Cumple Alberto!!! A few days later. Your courage & determination last year was inspiring.

carambs 2998 days ago

Happy birthday Alberto!!! You're awesome!

jwnelson 2999 days ago

Feliz Compleanos! Mi Amigo!

tjlin 2999 days ago

Feliz Compleanos!

rosslucien 2999 days ago

I'm guessing nobody ate the cake. Only the chef knows what kind it was.

bobmcmahan 2999 days ago

Happy birthday Alberto!

leshewett 2999 days ago

Happy birthday Alberto. It's going to be a huge year for you. Good luck.

spoke537 2999 days ago

That's going to go straight to your hips.

thesnuffy 2999 days ago

Happy Birthday, Alberto!

aparsells 2999 days ago

Happy Birthday!

CONTADORFANS 2999 days ago

TOUR, GIRO and VUUELTA just with 26, you inspire me. VAMOSS a por el segundo TOUR!LOVE TENERIFE LOVE!

velobabe 2999 days ago

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

2UpDuc 2999 days ago

Very Cool.. Nice to see team fellowship.
Happy B Day.

sworntosecrecy 2999 days ago

Feliz cumple, Alberto!

TomVerschueren5 2999 days ago

happy birthday

mikehughes35 2999 days ago

Happy Birthday Alberto

SoloRunner 2999 days ago

What kind of cake was it?

theswordsman 2999 days ago

Nice! I've reached the age where it's a fire hazard to have my birthday cake indoors. Happy Birthday, Alberto.

RuymanTf 2999 days ago

Felicidades y esperamos que la isla te esté tratando bien ;)

Happy birthday Alberto and I enjoy Tenerife island