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2017 days ago


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2hamed 2014 days ago

that's awesome man. you guys ROCK!

RealAGAME 2016 days ago

That's awesome. I love sports. It should rule the world instead of politics, economy.

Steve_Tuck 2016 days ago

Can I buy this picture somewhere? Omri is doing an appearance next Monday and this would be cool to get signed. Maybe I'll try printing it....

GuruTice 2016 days ago

This is what it's all about, Peace, Love "aaaand" and Unity (2 thumbs UP)

rjcc 2016 days ago


kjfxmonk 2016 days ago

Very very very cool!

bigbigirl 2017 days ago

This is how it should be!

BasketballFan31 2017 days ago

Cool Picture and I see Grant Napier and Jerry Reynolds in the background and Seattle Spencer Hawes on the floor

Ariel_Lew 2017 days ago

"Where amazing happens" =)

xaxanoulis1979 2017 days ago

great picture! congratulations to both!

49Scott 2017 days ago

that's a beautiful picture. Hamed was here with IRI team b4 Bejing and was a top bloke

JasonGilbert 2017 days ago


Makhtar_4real 2017 days ago

This pic should be shown all over the world. Peace is what the world need. I command both players for their courage bc what our leaders can't get done they did it.

cupcakedUp 2017 days ago

Let this be an example of what can happen...

SpencerSchenn 2017 days ago

That is pretty cool. Go Israel!!!