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kickshaw 1586 days ago


Megalomaniaaa 2070 days ago


veronickNowhere 2070 days ago

is the cousin of Bob the Buddha Magne??

Fragmenting 2072 days ago

.... and your backing vocalist

Fragmenting 2072 days ago

Adding your frontman ...

creeper_35 2073 days ago


your_toothfairy 2073 days ago

how dare you take my chattel! She's mine!

RosariaLombardi 2073 days ago Dears!

Michela82 2073 days ago

welcome Sir! ^^

Miss42 2073 days ago

Welcome 5th charming member... You remind me someone I know, but now I can't say who... *mumble mumble*

veronickNowhere 2073 days ago

hi guy it's dealing with photos?? happy to see you and that you're here

mirverweij 2073 days ago

Where's Watson?

veronickNowhere 2073 days ago

D├ęsign by Guy!! great!

NicSG 2073 days ago

You guys crack me up! :)

megberryman 2073 days ago

it is guy berryman, i am guessing..if i am right...can i have a date with guy...haha

megberryman 2073 days ago

aha...that is where darth vader went..he went to join a talented he is....

ahafancafe 2073 days ago

The vocalist - in disguise! I could swear it is Morten Harket singing on Electrice Eye, but it would be a little embarrassing being that completely wrong!?

akaneco 2073 days ago

wow so cool!! ha ha :)

LibsRodriguez 2073 days ago

Uh! handsome! :) Welcome to the Apparatjik world!

coldbeans 2073 days ago

A funny and cute face! :-) At first thought he looked like Darth Vader. Very welcome.