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Black Friday! half off all weapons.... Including this axe!

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2613 days ago

Black Friday! half off all weapons.... Including this axe!


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Alan685 2611 days ago

O.O lolz

Atlantisrulez 2612 days ago

Half off! LOL wow! Really literal here!

ShadowBlood_AE 2612 days ago

Half the Handle!Half them horizontally ! :P

DTAQW 2612 days ago

I see what the DN meant now :D
Yep, half off everything and you my friend really meant EVERYTHING XD

Vantooth 2612 days ago

WOW That axe is 1/2 time more better (or 1/2 time less better?) That super good idea AE! Half armor??? 1/2 scyhte? That 1/2 item idea is totally AWSOMELY PWNING

Robot_Tweets 2612 days ago

I feel bad for the next owner of the axe.... Which might be me. X_X

Commander_Doom 2612 days ago

-_- I was thinking ITEMS AT HALF of the price, not HALF OF THE ITEMS!

lord_of_anarchy 2612 days ago

no all we need is half of an armor and i agree with shadow AE I WANTZ MA HALF BLADE OF AWE

HenehaAE 2613 days ago

Thanksgiving + Black Friday = Half off Apple Head Arrow Magnet?

flamermatt 2613 days ago

ohhh w8 i forgot can u put a armor to actually a half armor and a half helm nad cape and my name is KingofBlade k Cy tnx!!!=D

flamermatt 2613 days ago

Yea Cysero i agree to shadow can u put the half blade of awe?

ZeoTheIceElf 2613 days ago

i totally saw this coming.

pmk138_AQW 2613 days ago

Th em lk / od id (This seems like a good idea)

Sky_Ever 2613 days ago

So..let me get this straight all the items that can be sold in AQW [AC/Gold] are all half price or just the Black Friday shop are going to be half price?

ShadowAE 2613 days ago

Can we have half a Blade of Awe?

Ropun_TSD 2613 days ago

Awesome! Can't wait ti see the other half weapons, lol.

Vantooth 2613 days ago

Where my post go? anyway that weapon 1/2 time more better than a normal axe! half armor coming? This shop gonna PWN (half mad weapon smith for me plz if you take command)

Vantooth 2613 days ago

Hey are we gonna have to slay half monster? or slay monster to half their life with that to beat them? would be funny ^^

Vantooth 2613 days ago

That axe PWN 1/2 more time than a normal axe!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cysero you did great job, 1/2 armor with left or right side miss would be awsomely pwning. Continue like this man!

Ironhorn17 2613 days ago

is everything in the stores going to be half off too? or just that shop