matt kemp



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angieefelix 2388 days ago

smileeeeee :)

PaattyCakes 2406 days ago

so so cute ;) lol

meldeleon24 2407 days ago

What golf course is that???

miz_silva 2408 days ago

Im sure MAtt KeMp can find someone more than willing to keep him WARM!! lol

oohhmm 2408 days ago

chool mo dee

oohhmm 2408 days ago

dude you be wearin some chool mo e shades there:p haha

TommyToast_ 2408 days ago

dont take this the wrong way..but you kinda remind me of Hancock! lol

dodgergirl2 2408 days ago

Gorgeous!! =) Love your lips ;-)

Its1MsEnvy 2408 days ago

Wow! U still light bright! But u look cool wit the shades yo!

dodgergirl27 2408 days ago


DodgerChik31 2408 days ago

Look at you big ballin with your Louis Vuitton beanie!! :) Lookin good

F_livenLife7 2408 days ago

Dig the shades !!!
Its cold in the morning in fullerton!! California

HugoFiggy 2408 days ago

nice beanie!!

rdc82 2408 days ago

U looook soooooo HOT!!!!

sandra818 2408 days ago

sexiness!! lol

mznae05 2408 days ago

Daaaaamn! Y r u so damn sexy! Ahhh...this pix made my

Dodgerette16 2408 days ago


loveShyyy 2408 days ago

marry me? :)

ballnitez 2408 days ago

Pimpin pimpin!

DaTruthTella 2408 days ago

It's always good to go back to where you're from, If I ever leave NY I will most def go back whenever I have the time..