It’s Coming - 11/25

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2614 days ago

It’s Coming - 11/25


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nealgwinn 2609 days ago

Sooo..... what came on the 25th?

ldykarghon 2612 days ago

I tried rotating the picture, but not sure what this is.

Skareey 2613 days ago


JonathonLee91 2613 days ago

Undead hunter imo

Aaronjim 2613 days ago

Am I the only one that CAN wait till tomorrow to find out? I've never not cared about something more than this 'twit'.

Erethas95 2613 days ago


robinsama 2613 days ago

que es esto :S ? xD

Kinematiks 2613 days ago

New class of Diablo 3 ! :)

MRefas 2613 days ago

I guess , it's the French Twitter from http://wow-europe.com/fr :)
just look this link here : http://twitter.com/Warcraft_FR/statuses/6004175704

Mio87 2614 days ago

a rope from a ship - sailing to the (cataclysm?) xD

bigmegg 2614 days ago

no idea...

chezus1337 2614 days ago

uhm, its obviously not Cataclysm!

P_Toussaint 2614 days ago

Mohawk Grenade Event

gmkah 2614 days ago

Starcraft 2 beta... (released early of course)

krystihollow 2614 days ago

>.< Um cake? I hope it is if not then oh well, But anyway Happy anniversary WoW!!!

Para_venga 2614 days ago

I think that it's either:
Cataclysm info, SC2 info/Beta, or something of the like.

Para_venga 2614 days ago

Actually, considering Blizzard is going to be at Dreamhack Nov 26-29th...
I'm guessing it's more Warcraft Info. Cataclysm will also be playable there, along with Sc2. =D

Para_venga 2614 days ago

Well, it's in 2 days. Not 3.
And anywho.. Probably Cataclysm info or something, considering.. well, this is the Warcraft Twitter. lol

clayaqin 2614 days ago

A Deathwing cake perhaps? Flambéed?

Laneer 2614 days ago

I'm guessing something to do with the launch of the magazine?