Adam Savage


I play a scientist on TV. Obsessive maker of things. Host of Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel.

Slightly better view. Crazy honor to meet him and everyone there.

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2143 days ago

Slightly better view. Crazy honor to meet him and everyone there.


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13owlets 2051 days ago

Whoa - hello - National Strategic Defense Technology Development by the Mythbusters???

GrEg0rE 2070 days ago

haha dude, thats so awesome! well that you met obama haha

Nate_B 2093 days ago

Somehow I can imagine Obama geeking out over meeting you two.

Razmatini 2107 days ago


zombiegeisha 2115 days ago

Full of win and yay!

SomethingLennon 2127 days ago


snakelady 2128 days ago

Absolutely awesome! :)

Bouttler 2130 days ago

Wow, grats guys! I love how Jamie's fashion is no different when meeting the President. XD

Luvythicus 2141 days ago

...Whoa, now that's awesome..

nillyvanilla3 2141 days ago

This is... unspeakably awesome.

Kyui13 2142 days ago

And Jamie's beret is STILL THERE.

lorendavidson 2143 days ago

Sweet! :) Congratulations!

MarianoBryant 2143 days ago


blakedotfr 2143 days ago

did you read the speech on

rojen97128 2143 days ago

How cool is that?

errorad 2143 days ago

Adam Savage? In a suit? I'm speechless.

carebear_1984 2143 days ago

how awesome! Jamie's not hard to miss, rockin' the hat, lol

Kyui13 2143 days ago


GOLDOVE777 2143 days ago

MEGA COOOOOOL GUY'S!!! Way too go Adam and Jamie! Nice too see nice folks at the top!
P.S. We are soooooo proud of the two of You!

HardwareLust 2143 days ago

But, the question is, did he know who you were, and is he a fan of the show?