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haven't had a medical mystery in a while... any guesses?

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1710 days ago

haven't had a medical mystery in a while... any guesses?


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msloane 1460 days ago

Too much time on the cell phone!

lovelyinpink01 1703 days ago

Let's call House!! He and his team are good at these things. I wish he was around when I was diagnosed with MS.

tumorwarrior 1708 days ago

My guess is meningioma

tanyaphoto 1708 days ago

Crackberry attached to brain....

Olliebird101 1708 days ago

Fungus living off the sweet sounds her honey has been whispring in her ear.

tiarasncrwns 1708 days ago

I would guess a tumor that started outside the brain and was undetected and now has infilitrated inside. Doesn't look pretty that's for sure

macnbc 1708 days ago

It can't be anything good. Do you ever tell us the answers on these or do I always miss the answers?

Mairaj30 1709 days ago

looks like a mass pressing down on Dura mater hence an epidural hematoma... that's my answer and I am sticking with it!

adnetjm 1709 days ago

A stroke?

icucreative 1709 days ago

....I'd rather get hit by a meteor....hey look it's a piece of haley's comet....better wash your ears before potato's start growning in them....earwig cocoon....bio chip implant growth after windows seven upgrade....a new apple intercrainial mac!...result

ylp79 1709 days ago

Intracerebral Hematoma

suebeth193 1709 days ago


kailualia 1709 days ago


chrisheyn 1709 days ago

extra-axial, bright on diffusion. either t2 shine through or true restriction. differential would include meningioma, epidural hematoma or abscess and perhaps lipoma. gotta give us the ADC sanjay...

ggrant95 1709 days ago

arachnoid cyst?

knowledge_eater 1709 days ago

Something Congenital (e.g.stem cell origin)!! this very firm borders around it narrow down lot of possibilities .. its not heamatoma (for sure i guess) well brain origin tumor shouldn't make this firm border surrounding it or should it ? Metastasis is pos

rsfnh 1709 days ago

It looks like something got into the ear and just spread and looks like some kind of tumor give us the answer please Dr.Gupta

ladykayaker 1710 days ago

er, ps--whatever it is looks like it's extradural and probably amenable to surgery if that contrast doesn't indicate an intractable hemorrhage risk. It's sort of meningioma-like but I think it's something else.

ladykayaker 1710 days ago

A really big, invasive cholesteatoma? Whatever it is grew slowly and isn't causing a lot of reaction in the brain tissue--the mass itself is full of contrast but there's no contrast uptake in the brain, + ventricles aren't flattened.

SaudeemFoco 1710 days ago

I bet in a calcified extradural hematoma.Luis Correia- Brasil