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At the White House

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1988 days ago

At the White House


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secretlycool 1860 days ago

they look so differnt

nillyvanilla3 1875 days ago

They've swapped! Now Adam is wearing the crisp white shirt and Jamie is wearing a normal black t-shirt.

Mondeox 1882 days ago

Love the "old" 60's CIA outfit Adam is wearing, Black suit, black tie, all that's missing is a black leather suitcase. :D

Woutersimons 1902 days ago

testing the myth that the white hous was burnt in 1812 ??

thecraggymoor 1988 days ago

Jamie IS smiling...behind the mustache :0)

hxili 1988 days ago

Jamie can't even smile at the White House?! well, I guess that's 'smiling' for him...

MeghanLand 1988 days ago

Very cool, but a part of me is scared for the white house and I don't know why. Lol. So proud of you, hope you had one hell of an experience!

makegood 1988 days ago

They kind of look like they're going to break into song...

ecwordsmith 1988 days ago

Jamie, how come you wear a starched white shirt to work but a t-shirt to visit the White House??

BadgerOff 1988 days ago

nice to see jamie trimmed the whiskers a bit for the president lol

tractorqueen 1988 days ago

Jamie doesn't leave home without his beret, does he? LOL. Looking good, gentlemen!

OooSNAP 1988 days ago

You guys clean up real nice :) have fun!

masimons 1988 days ago

That building had scaffolding on it FIVE years ago when I was there.
They let blue jeans in ?

RyanosaurusRex 1988 days ago

Wow, all dressed up and looking smart! :)

allanbunt 1988 days ago

What's in the plastic bag Jamie? huh?

confortif 1988 days ago

I wonder what's in the package under Jamie's arm?

SgfScott 1988 days ago

Looks like someone is getting ready for the next Men In Black movie!

ANDREASCYPRUS2 1988 days ago

Yeah,i agree with curtishoneycutt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

curtishoneycutt 1988 days ago

SO cool! You should do some White House myths.

jr0065 1988 days ago

Jamie is still wearing a berret ?? .. at the white house !