I play tennis. :-)

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1831 days ago


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chaikchl 1794 days ago

Bing Bong Bing Bong

exogeneric 1831 days ago

Nice pic. Andy! Have a nice stay there. Missed you at the World Tour Finals at the O2 among those Federes & Nadals.

withanryn 1831 days ago

I work at the other end of that bridge. Haven't spotted any of you guys yet! Looks like typical London weather.

Babyeh66 1831 days ago

Are you here in the UK to visit the Tour Finals in the O2 or for something else - perhaps shopping in Harrods to buy a Christmas present for the missus ?!

ThanushaBreezy 1831 days ago

wooooooooop londonnn :)i hoppe i see u sumwhere here ahaha :) i thinkk its time to stalk roddick =P lool

tunguy3n 1831 days ago

Wow nice view, you got it made Andy.

tunguy3n 1831 days ago

Wow nice view, you got it made Andy.

KnxLeon 1831 days ago

the view from the Marriott Hotel .... did i get that right?

keyman43 1831 days ago

Wow! Will u ride on the Eye?

RadekJ1 1831 days ago

as always rainy in london xDDDDD

louises267 1831 days ago

Nice view. Looks like it could be a postcard

Londonguy 1831 days ago

Have you got one of those funny little balconies where you are staying here? Saw those from the wheel looking down. Seemed dangerous to me!

bryan1012323 1831 days ago

u got a great room

TomGraef 1831 days ago

Handy place for a clock!

lanalou52 1831 days ago

Thanks for sharing one of my favorite cities!

tripwired 1831 days ago

I'd DIE to stay in this room. That's my favourite part of London.

manwithgun 1831 days ago

Andy! You are the man!!

crazyisgood4792 1831 days ago

That would've looked much better without the typical English weather

The_Cimber 1831 days ago

Brilliant! Lucky man

raamadithyan 1831 days ago

it looks spooky!!!