Lance Armstrong


7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

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"We have to go up there?!?"

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2124 days ago

"We have to go up there?!?"


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mabuka 2123 days ago

Awesome..hate to admit but sometimes living thru you guys..wish Cappie was there too

bambula 2123 days ago

why is Levi p-o'ed for meeting his sponsors??? I cheer for you guys, but some humility for the Astana sponsor, there wouldn't even be a team without them... Did you ride with any Kazakh rider in this camp?

johnleonardo 2123 days ago

Beautiful. Like it was made for training.

kendurbin 2123 days ago

What an epic climb..

cyclingmaniac 2123 days ago

Must have been an awesome view from the top. What an excellent place to train. So jealous its -12 Windshield factor where i live today

dpfishman 2123 days ago

Awesome.....just returned from a glorious ride here in SO CAL 68 F and crystal clear with clean air! Go get em'

andreatorrillo 2124 days ago

So beautiful!

konaendurance 2124 days ago

Lance, that is pretty cool...I am very fascinated with your twittering, you seem to a very cool dude!

chrisrbailey 2124 days ago

Awesome picture! Actually looks like a superb place to ride.

gingerwade 2124 days ago

fun! so gorgeous.

freshgreenbeans 2124 days ago

oh mercy!

Loves2workout 2124 days ago

Great view. Bet the trip down was a blast.

rvesper 2124 days ago

Thanks for sharing the pics of your comeback training. I injured myself in a circuit race in 2007 (2 weeks before philly ride) and had 3 days in the hospital and 2 surgeries for clavicle, scapula, 5 ribs and a collapsed lung.) I pretty much gave up on r

MattBoxler 2124 days ago

Who do you think you are dropping off the pace to sight-see and snap pics ... Lance Armstrong or something?

paul_stew 2124 days ago

% grade? Awesome!

COmtnClimr 2124 days ago

At least the view is good. Takes a little away from the pain.

goodlifecyclist 2124 days ago

Killer shot! Thanks for the peek at your adventures.

tdeegan31 2124 days ago

Reminds me of the Philly Challenge!!!

Peddieart 2124 days ago

Beautiful view, thanks for sharing

trailridgerider 2124 days ago

what ever doesn't kill you - makes you stronger - you of all people know that!