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7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

Riding up the Teide!

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2731 days ago

Riding up the Teide!


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boomertsfx 2730 days ago

I expect to see these type pix from the TdF as you're racing! =)

edmcgready 2730 days ago

Great shot cant wait for camp in Solvang

LiveSTRONG4Life 2730 days ago

Thanks! You're becoming the next Liz Watson!

Malgaciapela 2730 days ago

Fantastic! It seems the "tete de peloton".

2UpDuc 2730 days ago

Without giving away training secrets what type of ride was this? And what type of things did you focus on?

johnwitzing 2730 days ago

Envious! Would trade the Canadian snow for these riding conditions in a second. Great updates.

bobmcmahan 2730 days ago

It's great following along with you guys! I am looking forward to seeing you progress along in your training. We are pulling for you!

ya_man 2731 days ago

lance, you rock. following you on twitter is awesome. is levi still using a 28? how bout u?

randyho 2731 days ago

and now I wanna go ride. cool pic!

dvdlee 2731 days ago

Reading your tweets and seeing your pictures have been very inspiring-- I've been spending lots of time on the trainer lately. Thanks Lance!

erikvanname 2731 days ago

Popo is in the Lotto kit. He needs to ride out 2008 in his current team's get up to fulfill his contract. Interesting that it is OK to ride a his new team's bike.

tamagawa 2731 days ago

These training photos are sweet! This twittering/pro cycling combo seems unprecedented, and I look forward to seeing how it evolves. Huge thanks for sharing, Lance.

jamesashberry 2731 days ago

That looks tough...

jeffroberts 2731 days ago

Camp has been amazing. Thanks for taking us along for the ride. Can't wait for the Giro & Tour - and everything leading up to them!

ruhoov 2731 days ago

Heading out for a ride myself in nj, just doesnt seem the same though, 23deg F here, enjoy the ride

wilko72 2731 days ago

Suprised you are not at the front taking the picture watching their faces crack then taking off...ok that was just Ulrich

abarbero 2731 days ago

'R you riding with the Blackberry? Is it allowed!? ;)

jellevc 2731 days ago

Enjoying these very much. Who indeed is the Lotto rider?

Cadey_Aitch 2731 days ago

Cool! Enjoying the updates.

jrome 2731 days ago

quick legs, quick fingers?