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cardboard furnishings at About Us fest

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1740 days ago

cardboard furnishings at About Us fest


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lubashivaya 1736 days ago

pretty ecological! same as used for TEDxSP! \o/

mylenalsp 1739 days ago

Great idea!! haha, amazing

Stephaniecthung 1739 days ago

There is a set of cardboard chairs & table HQ on 13th floor. Also,a portrait of Mona Lisa Smile consists of motherboards by ASUS.

SadlyFey 1739 days ago

Is it only me seeing your pictures upside down? But wonderful Idea for Recylcing

alessa_chacon 1740 days ago


RachKhoo 1740 days ago

Now this is what I call Reduce Reuse, Recycle!

SayuriKawagoe 1740 days ago

Pleaseeee come back soonn! :D

SayuriKawagoe 1740 days ago


rehvivan 1740 days ago

great idea, brazil rockin' :D

BethManaus 1740 days ago

You have many fans in Manaus, Brasil,too. I hope you come here one day!I´m following on twitter because you´re a great guy! your tweets make me feel very well. I´m a teacher and I use to sing your songs with my students.Cheers!

gabielvedz 1740 days ago

marz....argentina miss you..♥♥♥

dababydawl 1740 days ago

Hahahaha it's funny how you keep posting upside down pix! =P Are they strong enough to hold someone? (Maria from BA)

LiFresa 1740 days ago

This night was perfect. You sing the best songs perfectly!! Come back son, jasoon!!! :*

Luuui_zaza 1740 days ago

Your show was amazing in Curitiba, I love...

onthepradio 1740 days ago

thank you so much for this night. it was perfect, i have no words. come back soon. :)

Camiladcs 1740 days ago

owww I couldn't go to the concert,this is so sad =/
Jason I love your songs,please comeback soon !

meuiaiameuioio 1740 days ago

Did u sit there?

Aztrm 1740 days ago

I think that if you sit down on that chair you'll end on the floor!!! But anyway... very good idea and technique!!!!

hellomynameisKA 1740 days ago

took me 10min to figure what this thing is. then i saw the "rotate photo" button ! WOOOW it's a chair and a table ahahhah

giuvianna 1740 days ago

I was there!! You are amazing, loved it!! Pleaaaaaaase comeback soon!