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Yes, this is that young Conservative punk.

Saw this at FAO Schwarz. Just despicable #TCOT

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2014 days ago

Saw this at FAO Schwarz. Just despicable #TCOT


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Harrystragiczip 2013 days ago

Are they trying to say we're becoming a chocolate nation???

TinaVane 2013 days ago


HeyMonet 2013 days ago

Are you kidding me?!!! #gagmenow

jtLOL 2013 days ago

Melts in your mouth, after promising not to.

JohnnyTechnoX 2014 days ago

The listed ingredients are all wrong. And it leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

ShariseParviz 2014 days ago

is it free????

lmyers1515 2014 days ago

Well at least it is better than coolaid.

gefox4 2014 days ago

We need some of those down here in N'awlins with "Willie" Ray Nagin on them.

edpreston 2014 days ago

$150.00 apiece and imported from China.

impossiblesoul_ 2014 days ago

That and Al Gore on SNL last night. So friggen' nasty.

KingShamus 2014 days ago

This is just silly. Don't you remember when FAO Schwarz sold "Compassionate Conservative" breath mints during the Bush presidency? Oh wait...

amaduli 2014 days ago

Isn't that racist?

Xenophore 2014 days ago

Barack Obama = Willy Wonka? Does that mean Rahm Emanuel is an Oompa-Loompa?