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Setlist from Lupaluna. Recognize the songs?

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2527 days ago

Setlist from Lupaluna. Recognize the songs?


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_mitty 2492 days ago

hehehehehe....i understood !

Ljubavamor 2494 days ago

um jfhdgjkhjdgkjhs Love,love,love,love

nathaliapandelo 2518 days ago

Now is that the cutest handwriting or what?

nickmypresident 2519 days ago

ahahah EYE MIORS= I'M YOURS you are AWESOME, i love you

ReeCastilho 2520 days ago

you came so close to meee DD:

babi_cab 2521 days ago

haahhaha, you`re sooooo creative!! i just loveeeeeeeeed you`re show in rio and you of course! hope you`d enjoyed rio!! folow me pleaseee! love ya!

juuhpenkal 2523 days ago

o looooved it *-*

ciylin 2523 days ago

hahaha THEY ARE COOLER huh :))

Xanaa20 2525 days ago

so funny d: 'The Rem Eddie it's the experience , it's a dangerous liaison' :D

SoManyMoments 2525 days ago

VERY clever. :) *high five*

likinhalala 2526 days ago

haha nice.. =)

naylahp 2526 days ago

Lupaluna was really nice!!! You are awesome! Curitiba - Brazil!

roitaqui 2527 days ago

Great music.
Don't forget to play these music in Porto Alegre.
You and I Both Love
Word Play
Geek in the Pink
The Remedy (I won't worry)

dayse_pessoa 2527 days ago

The show was perfect!!!

JennieMcFlyxoxo 2527 days ago

Naked Mind= Make It Mine; Benny Stings Your Front= Anything You Want; Guy OD's= Coyotes; Levy= Live High; Ram Eddie= Remedy; Cock Taste= Copchase; Dinah Mo= Dynamo; Eye Minors= I'm Yours; Thunder Sky= Butterfly?
Very Nice!!

CamilaPegoraro 2527 days ago

perfect night! I loved!

manuelavieira 2527 days ago

Nice set, but, please, play something from Mr. A-Z in Porto Alegre! And I'll Do Anything! =)

biabolzani 2527 days ago


gme323 2527 days ago

Make it mine, Anything you want, Coyotes, Live High, Remedy, Cop Chase, Dynamo, I'm Yours, Butterfly.

zartjr 2527 days ago

Nice set, but, please, play something from Mr. A-Z in Brasília! And I'll Do Anything! =)