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 Buenos Aires -- What a night!

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2472 days ago

Buenos Aires -- What a night!


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valeriaafariaas 2445 days ago

Amazing and very proud 'cause it was in my Country :)

marciaadoradora 2452 days ago

Os céus proclamam a glória de Deus.The heavens declare the glory of God

jullystrapasson 2453 days ago

lindaaa foto!

teffaa 2470 days ago

guys you were awesome that nightttt, i can't wait to see you again here in Argentina :)

bobbieprevi 2470 days ago

Lindíssima foto!!!

jorgeamado 2470 days ago

i was there... it was amazing...

ErikaBeda 2470 days ago

hermanos!!! xD

Wow, I remember Brazil one...It was amazing!!!

manu_dt 2470 days ago


olinpaulin 2471 days ago

wunderbar!! it looks wonderful! :-)

marysol77 2471 days ago

I was in the middle of that stadium!! It was supernatural... GOD was there dancing with us... :)

Caandelaa 2471 days ago

A really cool night! I was there and WOOW God! CRAZY! :D

JLali 2471 days ago

What an amazing night! Ive never jumped that much in my life lol

andiavilez 2471 days ago

I was there !!! Amazing night, Wonderful God, Im pride to be an ARGENTINIAN !!!!!

leeflailmarch 2471 days ago

Magnificent shot! Breathtaking!

gutopagiossi 2471 days ago

Amazing. =D

Betsy251092 2471 days ago

OMG!!! I wanted to be there!!!!! I love ya guys!!!

deiarvs 2471 days ago

Fantastico!!! Que las bendicones de Dios sigan sus vidas por donde forem!!!!

StellarSejin 2471 days ago

WOW It looks fantastic! What a night!

Vanessa1422 2471 days ago


melimadriz 2472 days ago

great pict!!!!!!!!! i wish i was there!!!!!!!