Emilie Autumn


Sounds like the best cup of English Breakfast spiked with cyanide and smashed on your antique wallpaper...

Photo by Husband (aka Veronica Varlow)

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2439 days ago

Photo by Husband (aka Veronica Varlow)


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titiojaredao 1897 days ago


Adhara_the_Rat 2354 days ago

So cute :3

rosebud501 2425 days ago

concert in Ohio last night was amazing you should definitly visit us again

dunkelheit1987 2428 days ago

jajaja lovely!, yeahh i love your unicorn, your pants, etc....ratsssss

cometg 2429 days ago

i love the unicorn and your shades. :P

Fairy_Muffin 2433 days ago

Nice glasses^^

SoulSurrendered 2433 days ago

Love your sunglasses, would love to get pics of both of us in our heart shaped glasses together! Can't wait to see you lovelies in DC.

XBleedingAngel 2437 days ago

Wow.. Cutest hat ever

shostan 2438 days ago

hahahahaha, YEAH!, I miss you girls

DarcyTheLunatic 2438 days ago

Ohmygod. Awesome! Ö

purple_teacup 2438 days ago

A great picture! And I wonder whose name was actually on that star.

EnnaSilme 2439 days ago

Love your Lolita-sunglasses. :D Rrrrats, this picture is the best.

xHorrorShow 2439 days ago

Haha , I love it !

MariaDCampbell 2439 days ago

It's just great!!!

missvonplague 2439 days ago

I fucking love it!

nana_fish 2439 days ago

o.m.g. i would be the world's happiest girl if i had a hat like that. seriously. it crossed the borders of "awesome" by miles and miles and lightyears.

tamlihua 2439 days ago

LoL Awesome. XD I want those bloomers!

Mlle_Mewsette 2439 days ago

Hee! Awesome pic! I have those glasses too! When were you on the Walk of Fame?? I live right near there, I cantbelieve I missed you! =P

MilkshakeSadist 2439 days ago

AWW!! Emilie I looove the outfit!! The glasses and the hat

Tanee2003 2439 days ago

I love it. LOL!