Lance Armstrong


7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

Check it.

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2404 days ago

Check it.


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TerrinhaSk8r 2174 days ago


derrickcarlisle 2400 days ago

do people not realize that this is a photoshopped pic?????

McMoBro 2403 days ago

If you fly in U.S. airspace you should be very happy that Obama is going to be the next President.

traviscampbell 2403 days ago

give me a break

jamesashberry 2403 days ago

If only us Brits had someone a quarter as inspirational...

ebay_of_pigs 2403 days ago

lol @ the haters.

TheJennTaFur 2403 days ago

Love love it!! Thank you for sharing!

texafornia 2404 days ago

LOL. Reading the comment stream is like concrete hope vs. hate. Btw, that graffiti was painted in a way to look flat from this angle. They do that a lot.

Cyclefilm 2404 days ago

offtopic: , we did a Recon of the Mt.Ventoux stage last month. Beautiful stage and what a finish! Here's the preview trailer: Are you itching to ride Ventoux Lance?

smithersmpls 2404 days ago

Lance stirs up the passion!

vickygal 2404 days ago

Oh I so agree with you LA you and Levi can give us all "gear" about if we call it "Sprockets"!!! FUN!

erikvanname 2404 days ago

Off topic: BikeSnobNYC called you out today on your Twitter activities. Funny Sh1t!

rocketshipfast 2404 days ago

that's not the point.

baldzach 2404 days ago

Does no one realize that the words on that pic are photoshopped? They're perfectly horizontal while the building fades into perspective.

spelcher 2404 days ago

Art Basel is amazing. Question - what is expected 2b most difficult mountain stage in TDF?thx.

chadsmith71 2404 days ago

OMFG, dude posts a pic of something he sees and people launch into political diatribes. It is just a freakin' piece of graffiti. What the hell is wrong w/some of you? Get over it. Keep the pics and posts coming, Lance. Gear ratios and all. Cool to keep up

hgrant4630 2404 days ago

No kidding...chill! Hey Lance, when I do RAGBRAI this year, I'll eat 2 pieces of pie for ya! Just tell me what kind! :-)

vrosetta 2404 days ago

Kill a guy for voicing his opinion! Go Lance, give them hell this year!!!

GingerSnaps 2404 days ago

Yes, ditto to what said.

SpenceSmith 2404 days ago

Lance don't back down from twitpicing what u see.politics family gear training laf bring it on.people need to get over it.this IS what the WORLD sees and I'm thankful for what u share with us. It's real, authentic, transparent and fun. Keep going.