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This is our stage at in Paris!!

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2054 days ago

This is our stage at in Paris!!


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TwiUsic 1663 days ago

WoooW .. !

LaraEviy 1702 days ago

... be with you.

LaraEviy 1702 days ago

wow looks like a skating rink
Hey, come back to Brazil with a LP concert only.
When you came in Morumbi I was not old to go.
The show at SWU was perfect, but I want a show just with LP.
This time I'll be LPU, God willing.
(I can not believe I left th

AnnGoncharova 1705 days ago


lpmen 1783 days ago

Skate ))))?

GisselleEs 1811 days ago


CHAZmystarfish 1953 days ago

luv it!

Heyitsbusie 1976 days ago

so cool...! (:

paty_says 1984 days ago

just beautiful I wish I was there too
i like the band since 2000 but i never went to ur concert thatz why i beg u: PLEASE COME TO BRAZIL !

Linkin_Paranoia 1996 days ago

wow it looks so awesome. come in italy! DBS rocks!

Linkin_Theorist 2021 days ago

1,000,000 of WOW's!! Awesome ramp... My cousin would have a heart attack if he saw it.

QueridaW 2021 days ago

Sweet! Would love to try the ramp!

Janine_30stmars 2031 days ago

WOW! It´s so Cool=)

mai4071uoy 2041 days ago

WOW! it's cool)

Kangaroo_gr 2052 days ago

very cool!

Adriana_Kristy 2052 days ago

That's fucking awesome! So wish I could be there!! Take care Chester!

xLinkinPark 2053 days ago

hehe, this looks awesome.. I wish I was there =/ Hope you guys had fun =)

mutimazaya 2053 days ago

omg, that's so cool !!! @

navpaltogether 2053 days ago

u r a blessed man that u r playing india u cant even dream bout a stage like this..i knw performed thousand of diffrent n better stages..but this one is cool too..thnks for posting.. u r the best chester..proud of u..n ur talent deserve even more

Thrtottle 2053 days ago

sdes all my comments are left?