Lance Armstrong


7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

Proof! Ha!

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2824 days ago

Proof! Ha!


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robertgorell 2818 days ago

What, no pie plate? ;)

shawncois 2823 days ago

Holding back Lance? You seem to have a lot of time for the photos. Keep em coming, there GREAT!

spoke537 2824 days ago

That's a dinner plate not a cassette. My god!

chadsmith71 2824 days ago

terrible mechanic built that wheel with warped spokes! ;)

segenthner 2824 days ago

What's it like not having Big George around?

bruceweaver 2824 days ago

no point blowin your legs at training camp Levi...........get a 29!

seannz 2824 days ago

Is he using a triple chain ring as well?Where are the spokey dokes, would make a wonderful Christmas gift!

mr_justin 2824 days ago

hey, abstract VW emblem, nice :)

RogueBandle 2824 days ago

Lance, you can ride with no hands, take pictures and still smoke Levi! LOL

bhodge325 2824 days ago

Soooooo which cogs did Mr.armstrong have?

velobabe 2824 days ago

You can razz him when he goes to a triple. :-P My knees love my 25, and some days I think they'd love a 28 too... but I'm getting old.

TRIPHX 2824 days ago

I'm beginning to get a big brother/little brother vibe out of you & Levi. Noogies and wedgies are forthcoming :)

paul_stew 2824 days ago

what are you running gear wise?

smcg001 2824 days ago

Glad to see he got rid of the "prototype" wheels.

johnleonardo 2824 days ago

I wish I had hills around where I live that deserved a 28. :( Looks like he's on the 25 there though.

brianandkat 2824 days ago

Horner prolly doesn't go smaller than a 21...LOL!!!

spelcher 2824 days ago

Lance- don't forget that the rest of us are only human! Thanks for the pics ...

vickygal 2824 days ago

Lance, can you let me in on the joke...what does 28 mean?...i'm guessing it has something to do with switching gears...pls. explain so I can tease Levi too!

gint32 2824 days ago

The blackberry camera makes the spokes look like they are flexing. Pretty freaky!

jerry_kelly 2824 days ago

You gotten used to the SRAM yet? I have a new Madone with the Red and it is sweet. Took some adjustment and getting used to, though