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Team Edward 4ever! @alanastone and me #newmoon

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2356 days ago

Team Edward 4ever! and me #newmoon


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kristensomeone 2354 days ago

huff. maybe i should learn to *shudder* appreciate twilight? *gulp*

prime102805 2356 days ago

Don't see what everyone's all disappointed about. Twilight is awesome, deal with it :))

MicaRM 2356 days ago

Really!?? I hated Pattinson as Edward. Actualy I disliked Edward even on the books. I'm much more a Jacob fan. But...if you like.. ~_^

Ildeth 2356 days ago

Pshaw! Never be ashamed of what you enjoy.

MinLopierce 2356 days ago

Haha, I think he's creepy. I don't like Twilight, but I'd prefer Jacob to Ed. Umm, I like Alana's hat. :)

psmorrison 2356 days ago


brewers_rule 2356 days ago

You guys are tweens too?! No!!!

labunnywtf 2356 days ago

God, that makes me so sad. ::facepalm::