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Friday Caption Competition....

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2469 days ago

Friday Caption Competition....


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dang3r_man 2468 days ago

I'm not here to plam you off with excuses...

dang3r_man 2468 days ago

Henry said: "Of course the fairest solution would be to replay the game but it is not in my control." Unlike the ball, when you guided it with your hand... twice!

dang3r_man 2468 days ago

Given called me a wa***er so I thought he deserved a hand-job in the box

dang3r_man 2468 days ago

Cheat, no? There's a better word for it but I can't quite put my finger on it, right now.

dang3r_man 2468 days ago

Honest mistke, Ref, I thought we were playing Rush Goalies...

dang3r_man 2468 days ago

That winning goal – not really an assist, but I did have a hand in it...

Sherbetmedia 2468 days ago

After proving his technical prowess in a live match, the Harlem Globetrotters were finally persueded to hand Thierry Henry a contract for the next basketball season.

mad_caesar 2469 days ago

not quite content with the original picture the sun decides to exaggerate slighty to make their point.

chiefchimpanzee 2469 days ago

"Looking like I am the World Cup Trophy, is easier than winning it!"

Toppsy7 2469 days ago

I just ruined my reputation but it doesn't matter as I am totally arrogant and rich

Toppsy7 2469 days ago

I'm not touching it

Toppsy7 2469 days ago

I am a dishonest, garlic munching, baguette twirling cheater

GabrielSaid 2469 days ago

This is how the Hand of God is done.

fayegoldstraw 2469 days ago

"What, are we not playing netball? Boff"

GeekySneaks 2469 days ago

Henry always willing to lend a Hand