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7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

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This is what it looks like from our perspective. My camera couldn't get quite wide enough for the whole room.

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1959 days ago

This is what it looks like from our perspective. My camera couldn't get quite wide enough for the whole room.


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MaryDanielsen 1958 days ago

The constant clicking of cameras wouldn't bother me here, but all those eyeballs would freak me out. David Cook did this once at an American Idol concert. He video taped the crowd, because he said he was going to be an old fat rocker someday and wanted to

thekmgirl 1959 days ago

Talk about being in the spotlight! =D Love your twitter messages! You rock!

RogueBandle 1959 days ago

Nice to turn the tables Lance!

bpende 1959 days ago

AUUUGGGGHHH!!! They're all looking at me!!! I've done presentations before, but this press thing... makes me happy I'm not famous.

declanwalls 1959 days ago

Get yourself over to Ireland for the Tour of Ireland this summer - it'll be great to see you! They're already talking about you on the radio here this morning!

annemiekeh 1959 days ago

Can' believe how at ease you are with so many "haunting" you, but it's a great way to get your message out. Thanks for all your work on that and even more for sharing. You truly LiveStrong!

robles_jesse 1959 days ago

thats a lot of ppl! nice!

tedore 1959 days ago

Great! Thanks for sharing

james307 1959 days ago

Lance: Geez, been following you around since your amateur days with those other young 'cats . . . all retired. But, hey, I'm still on the cycling beat. Requested interview (with Mark Higgins) a few times, but to no avail. Can I email a few questions or ge

stepher 1959 days ago

THANK YOU so much for allowing us into your AMAZING life.

jeffreywells13 1959 days ago

Lance thanks for all the updates...I just read the Horner article on like that guy but WTF?? I'm glad the Phillies won the world series...Remember??

RickieRainwater 1959 days ago

Finally this thing is working. Hey Lance, I wanted to say how proud I am of you especially for your example and sportsmanship. Being supportive in anyway you can for your team mates shows real class. The photo of the gal with the big camera lens makes

zamees 1959 days ago

Who do you think you are, Lance Armstrong?

boulderrunner 1959 days ago

RT via : photo of Lance in action (not this press conf)

dave_sloan 1959 days ago

Here is a pic from VeloNews of LA snapping this pic.

spelcher 1959 days ago

So that's what it's like to live in a fishbowl. Great pic, thanks for the updates

CONTADORFANS 1959 days ago

REally!! everybody were the for me.

konaendurance 1959 days ago

check that out, you are the man!

marathoner 1959 days ago

nice, can you get us video next time...esp live while in 2009 Tour de France...dare you like it says on :)

boulderrunner 1959 days ago

Has anyone dubbed you Lance TweetStrong yet? Its great to see all the updates!