Demi Moore


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1863 days ago


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MsOriginal72 1109 days ago

She is a gorgeous woman, I'd like to see you all pull off being 47 and looking this damn amazing!!

waltermera182 1557 days ago

ahh nop

henliher 1564 days ago

That's a very bad photoshop job

tanuj7770 1573 days ago

very hot

mi_xavier 1645 days ago

linda maravilhosa! Escrpiana *---------*

UmpaLumpaGURL 1690 days ago

Funny how you knock Kim K for using the word pimp while you lie about photo-shop.... aren't you sending young girls a bad message???

ampincivero 1697 days ago

Wow. You are a goddess.

aadrienneGD 1699 days ago

and anja rubik's body. ;))

anne_dance 1723 days ago

woooooo, very Persian Prinses like :D

Lolathunder 1731 days ago

It Ain't Work peep's Her beauty is Au Natural, comes from the SOUL!

Berg06 1744 days ago

totally beautiful!

njbeach95 1744 days ago

Demi's looks AMAZING! Don't matter how old u r....Demi has ana amazing body.

PoLenChOs 1744 days ago

I don't like mean ppl leaving mean comments to you. If i age half as gracefully as you do I'll consider myself happy :D Good job Demi!

MichelleOhSnap 1752 days ago

you can tell by the way shes standing, her hips are cocked more to one side. you can really see it at her waist just above. its not a deadly photoshop.

lani85 1757 days ago

you rock!

thereese7 1761 days ago

Yes. It's not Demi's Body

Intrpideme 1798 days ago

It is not Demi's body. It's Anja Rubik. Polish top model!

erkb89 1799 days ago

if i was ashton i would have married her too!

FlorBrody 1804 days ago

you are gorgeous, my god!

ShellyRaihala 1804 days ago

Wow, I haven't been that skinny since I was 28 or 29! Excellent job. You go, woman!