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More photos from Animals At Work 3

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1858 days ago

More photos from Animals At Work 3


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lilTashieee 1767 days ago

Ahaaa awww bless x

maisiejames 1781 days ago

Watch out for your fingers

cat666woman 1812 days ago


kimherojb 1813 days ago

u look stoned. lol

Johnb_no1 1813 days ago


Harkness_17 1835 days ago

ahahah I think one of the animals stood on John's 'boys'

ZahraHunt 1849 days ago

Is it biteing you? hahaha x

Dreschy 1850 days ago

awww the little animal in the front is cute xDD John too xDD

IchBinCati 1853 days ago

:-D Lol

LuckyPenny86 1854 days ago

Coatimundi! im so jealous!

hatorl 1858 days ago

I want to be that animal

Katie_Barrowman 1858 days ago

vveerryy nice:) I think the animal needs to be careful of were it is stepping ;) lol. Populur as always john xx

BSBFan_Belle 1858 days ago

John, it looks like you're very popular and you've made some new friends!

CuisleP 1858 days ago

they all look very happy together. :)

Tracyann45 1858 days ago

Has John just been bitten?, or was he just being funny again

ellipher 1858 days ago

John, you are sooo halarious!

aresnz 1858 days ago

That's a great picture. Adorable.

stope 1858 days ago

ahaha! how cute - all 3 of you!

jeanna23 1858 days ago

awwwwww so cute

bluebear17 1858 days ago

Awww...all three look adorable:)