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Aaron Goodwin Ghost adventures. http://t.co/GHUQn6u2 other twitter i have @agoodwincollect

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2580 days ago


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Kimmay_G 2579 days ago

DUDE! Are those like Femur bones...yum

Kimmay_G 2579 days ago

Wow are those Femur bones? Yum!

EVALOVESGA 2579 days ago

U guys know how 2 live! lol

Chrona133 2579 days ago

mmmmm. . . ribs. ^_^

joyy011 2579 days ago

glad the tooth fairy showed! She does work magic if you were able to eat these after having the wisdom removed and ghosted! Impressive!!

spookymun 2579 days ago

don't forget the sauce.

verntar123 2580 days ago


thebirdmadgirl 2580 days ago

Caveman food! LOL

caregivergirl86 2580 days ago

They must have gave you some good grugs! lol

Ghenyphyr_ 2580 days ago

Heartburn city!

cyl_aries 2580 days ago

Oh, what the heck, Aaron. Just go for it. You don't have to watch your weight. You are my cute cuddly teddy bear. Hugs from me...

leedelcastillo 2580 days ago

Sorry, but it's jello and applesauce for you, young man.

angelofthenite1 2580 days ago

*drools* Mmmmm....ribs

UOFKBAR 2580 days ago

Mmmmmm....That's the Beeez Neeez!

mckeeverSuenDen 2580 days ago

there yummy but full of cholesterol

LuciferRisin666 2580 days ago

ohh geez i want those O.O

courtney_hunt 2580 days ago

Well I guess your mouth is feeling better huh?! LOL

CeciVR 2580 days ago

WHOA!!! Your eating this after going to the dentist? :O oh geez Aaron! xD ilyyy!

its_Roux 2580 days ago

I dont know how you're gonna eat those thru a straw !! I think vicariously is a good option * dry socket sux

cindyjscott 2580 days ago

Hope you have enough napkins! Enjoy!!