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This is how we own trolls:

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1901 days ago

This is how we own trolls:


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Foolishbean 1901 days ago

well owned jim, well owned. He backed down a bit quickly though. Will never match the ultimate troll-god sexualchocolate! ; ) you are a fat princess though. Laters.

Nillerus 1901 days ago

Yes, I'd consider this a case of pwnage.

CleverUserName 1901 days ago

"Second of all..."

Vordus 1901 days ago

Where you "don't expected to be abused"? Oh Jim, you were so close! :P

DougCL781 1901 days ago

also, fuck that guy.

DougCL781 1901 days ago

i think you mean "where i don't expect to be abused."