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time for a close up!

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1993 days ago

time for a close up!


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sazy567 1808 days ago

awwwww cute penguin

CosmicSnow21 1909 days ago

Is this my good side

torchwoodjbfan 1911 days ago


maisiejames 1914 days ago

Nice hand.

ZahraHunt 1982 days ago


Sharron66 1984 days ago

you lookin at me????? - This is sooooo cute

bubblymeggie 1988 days ago

It looks evil!!

eleanorbowers24 1992 days ago

awwwwww so cute. Are you filming in the same Zoo as before. Looking forward to the next series. :)

Natli_JB_DT 1992 days ago

wow hes amazing, i love penguins, n animals at work rules!

BSBFan_Belle 1992 days ago

He is so cute and I'll be looking out for him in the next series of Animals at Work!

imagine4056 1993 days ago

Adorable! Just like the show host :)

nattypants_ 1993 days ago

Hehe aww! :)

kes2611 1993 days ago

p-p-p-p-p pick up a cute.

EmsyLou1110 1993 days ago

Fab photos!!!

Zoldie1 1993 days ago

Is that a yellow crested penguin? What zoo was it?

MicheleBriere 1993 days ago

did he let you pet him, John? what does he feel like? He's definitely cute, but I've seen those penguin shows on the science channels, and I know they can be nasty buggers.

Cathryn_Rose 1993 days ago

Ricky - " get My Best Side " ... Bless Him Soooo Much x x x

isa1981_ILoveJB 1993 days ago

It's so sweet. But where is John?

Blaidrwg 1993 days ago

Aww what a cutie!

Blaidrwg 1993 days ago

Aww what a cutie!