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with ricky the penguin!

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2080 days ago

with ricky the penguin!


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sazy567 1895 days ago

watch out ricky JBs about lol

mrsjbarrowman2b 1936 days ago


torchwoodjbfan 1998 days ago

run ricky he looking at you dinner!1111111

pookbramble 2031 days ago

All penguins are EVIL!!!

Johnb_no1 2045 days ago

Awwwwwwwwwww cute penguin! Oh and you to John,lol. Sweet

ZahraHunt 2069 days ago

BLESS :-) x

bubblymeggie 2075 days ago

RUN RICKY RUN!! lol jokes

Ryans_Biatch 2079 days ago

John (or whoever may see this haha) is this London Zoo? Lou x

leannc92 2079 days ago

aww well cute. I luv penguins :)

nattypants_ 2080 days ago

Love penguins. Cool pic :)

LovelyLuna713 2080 days ago

Awwww. So cute.

_SilverPhoenix 2080 days ago

I love seeing John with animals, he has such a fantastic energy about him! x ;o) x

isa1981_ILoveJB 2080 days ago

adorable as the others

Sille1977 2080 days ago

On the other hand... that penguins would sure look hunky :D

Sille1977 2080 days ago

Lets just hope that Ricky wont fall in love with John... Cuz in Germany therĀ“s a penguin lady in love with her caregiver :D

Tracyann45 2080 days ago

he is lovely, and the penguin is cute as well

MegaloJohn 2080 days ago

oh, he is so Adorable. love you!! from number one korea fan

ellipher 2080 days ago

its time kids to look at the penguin and Barrowman exibit. Here we have a fine young Barrowman named John and a lovely little penguin named Ricky.

torchwood6 2080 days ago

Sooo Cute... reminds me of one that Bugs Bunny tried to get home - Playboy

aresnz 2080 days ago

How cute. Happy to see this means another series for Animals At Work!!