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Aaron Goodwin Ghost adventures. http://t.co/GHUQn6u2 other twitter i have @agoodwincollect

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2385 days ago


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lauraluvsGAC23 2378 days ago

Thats what you get for eating too much starbust

leedelcastillo 2383 days ago


FoolSG81 2383 days ago

sooo, did they give you the old "put dry tea bags in your mouth" speech?

nikolew1 2383 days ago

WOW!!! Look at those roots!

klearglass 2383 days ago

It's a boy!

klearglass 2383 days ago

It's....a boy!

EvilDeeds1 2384 days ago

Hope you are feeling better now!

Chrona133 2384 days ago

Be happy that it wasn't a ghost dentist attacking you. lol. You were brave.

moepratt 2384 days ago

at least they came out in one piece. Two of mine were impacted and they had to break them to get them out.. worst pain ever!!

CeciVR 2384 days ago

GAH!! is that your tooth? :O

joyy011 2384 days ago

Did the tooth fairy visit?

cindyjscott 2384 days ago

That is one mean lookin tooth.

TaraMarnell 2384 days ago

It's like Pennhurst all over again, you shouldn't bite people, they pull teeth remember.

StrawberryaYum 2384 days ago

I Love Your Face lol! I am so glad you survived!

cyl_aries 2384 days ago

Keep it under your pillow tonite, Aaron. The tooth fairy may need it for her denture.

Luci_L 2384 days ago

You have conquered him, the tooth lost!!!

myksbzgrrl6 2384 days ago

dudewhatthef*ck!!!! i hope you have skull to put that in young man!!!

Issa1222 2384 days ago

Oh ****! That's a very...interesting... shaped tooth. But cool I'll tell you that!

chelseameszaros 2384 days ago

Thats intense. love the beard you got goin

Ghenyphyr_ 2384 days ago

Nice! I saved my wisdom teeth...but lost them...somewhere...