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dontuwish 2622 days ago

His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy
There's vomit on his sweater already, mom's spaghetti

CoCoAnk 2624 days ago

Thug Life!!

MarleneLuvzDave 2712 days ago

I like you in that Blue Man video...

AtomicShroom 2768 days ago

I feel blue sometimes too.

TiffanyBJenks 2789 days ago

Today I Even Believe I've Turned Blue

teakoman 2797 days ago

See you soon. Have a great weekend.

teakoman 2797 days ago

I haven't shaved since Christmas Eve. Two more days then back to Mr. Executive. Nice while it lasted

lucky2bjes 2804 days ago

I always end up right back here..cause I like it.

sarahcecilia91 2807 days ago

lumberjack smurf

bnw0619 2808 days ago

dave i love you

believebeloved 2811 days ago

Hello Mr. Backwoodsman!

jamondmb 2813 days ago

dave, please come to MI or somewhere close!!!!

raundi 2814 days ago

Jedi mind tricks? "There is no need to search the car officer....

skwurlygurl 2815 days ago

This is so Willy Wonka!

kristbur4dmb 2816 days ago

Perfect Lighting - The blue flame He Dances

glaughlin 2817 days ago

Hi Dave - This photo and all the comments below makes me think of a line that I like very much from your song, '#27-I Hope You'll Be By Me Then'. It goes, "I will live as I see fit/there will be those who will not like it". People. I dunno. You just are w

peacelovedmb 2818 days ago


carafotes 2819 days ago

hey, don't be blue!

Amybtru4DMB 2820 days ago

Someone needs a hug and a kiss.
(((((big fat hug)))))) xxxxxbig fat kissxxxxx

adamortiz11 2821 days ago

This is a guess, but I'm going to say you were going for the Jigsaw look?