NBA World Champion. Houston Rocket Forward. BreathEasy Founder

What's better than this

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2478 days ago

What's better than this


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c0mm0ncentz 2309 days ago

NICE Ring, You Deserve it! Thanks for everything TA! U will ALWAYS have LOVE in LA and U will ALWAYS be a Laker! Wish you the best Trev!

Eemeli25 2437 days ago

congrats Tariza!!!!! SO COOL.. 8) I Like it.

kandra_20 2462 days ago

congrats ariza!! keep making us over here in turks and caicos proud

Music_Junke 2476 days ago

Congrats Trevor! You totally deserve that ring! Those steals were priceless!

RobertGuajardo 2476 days ago

Congrats TA!! Miss ya on the Lakers! W/out u we never would have won it all!!!

mistergent 2476 days ago

You were a HUGE part of making it happen Trev, Thank you from one ex COMET to another...C/O '75

Hear_B_Roar 2476 days ago

whats better? if there was a way you could still be in LA with Ron Ron to add depth to a very injured team.

dinjcons 2477 days ago

congrats, man! i still can't forget your key steals and baskets!

felonyattorney 2477 days ago

Two of them! Congratulations

misspeaches03 2477 days ago

you totally deseve this....CONGRATS

MsDynasti 2477 days ago

i really miss seeing u in purple and gold!!! loved u in LA (and in houston too)

darababyd 2477 days ago

awesome - love ya Ariza, wish you were still in LA!!!

Elvin3 2478 days ago

thats sickness right there

5owe1yunG 2478 days ago

been waitin for this day since you signed with the rockets bro. good D on KOBE and ef Artest for throwin ur shoe NOT cool. CONGRATS COBRA!

Jwrong 2478 days ago

Welcome home to the Rockets Ta.

mkkdean 2478 days ago

I know you've got to be proud of such a outstanding accompliment(I hope I spelled it right. Congrats again.

MamaMote 2478 days ago

Congratulations, Trevor! Sure miss you in LA. Good luck - but not too much. LA is gonna do it again! :)

wiserthanevr 2478 days ago

beautiful...cant wait to u bring that back to houston...see u at the game on tuesday

ESPJOE2 2478 days ago

Congrats man. you deserve every karat of that ring lol LA misses you!

MStax83 2478 days ago