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7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

For anyone who wants to know what my foot looks like. Nike gang brought the mold of my foot. Scary.

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2551 days ago

For anyone who wants to know what my foot looks like. Nike gang brought the mold of my foot. Scary.


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flightlest 2416 days ago

check the bottom of it; also no expiration date.

laughwithme 2507 days ago

I'm from Alabama and even I think that's odd...Laughing. That would scare the crap out of me if I stumbled upon it at night.

bpende 2544 days ago

The wife, , says you have thick ankles...

jbrbmwz3 2549 days ago

I'm a nurse so right off I noticed you have great veins! It would hurt, but I could start an IV in those veins.

massarob 2549 days ago

Hello, Lance! Which cleats are you going use in 2009? I see some gray SPD personalized cleats in your pics. Am I wrong?

fislas 2550 days ago

Hello, Lance. Cheers from Mexico! How does the world´s financial crisis will affect cycling for 2009? If you want to answer:

atleticosisi 2550 days ago

Thanks Lance for losing your time with us. I´m a spanish teenager who admires you. I believe that you will come back to win. Good luck

mytwoboyz 2551 days ago

sure I could pop a 12 guage Iv needle in those veins for some serious fluid replacement.

rdw3rd1 2551 days ago

That is to cool is that how Nike fits your shoes?

_hijinx 2551 days ago

This will end up in the Lance Armstrong Cycling Museum...or on eBay ;)

velobabe 2551 days ago

There is something really morbid about seeing ones own body parts separated from ones own body.

hillier99 2551 days ago

I am visualizing this thing kicking Carlos Sastre's butt at the Giro.

tommylane 2551 days ago

Put a sock on it! :-)

davidjschloss 2551 days ago

That's a bit creepy. But I agree, put it on ebay and give the money you raise back to the foundation. I bet people would bid on your disembodied foot.

Eric235x 2551 days ago

put it on ebay!

caroviarmes 2551 days ago

I prefer your calfs !

soniccyclist 2551 days ago

Geez!! now you ruined my fantasy of you! Looks like my ex-husband's foot!

kellyhobkirk 2551 days ago

Are you sure this isn't from the wax museum?

jgross68 2551 days ago

Anyone else getting a weird "Fargo" vibe from this picture? Just me?

bhodge325 2551 days ago

Is that the foot your going to use to stomp everyone at the Giro?