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Me and my Quileute homies hanging with the fans at the Premier line...

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2575 days ago

Me and my Quileute homies hanging with the fans at the Premier line...


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Dream_The_Day 2390 days ago


pagefoster 2575 days ago

im the one in the green, yellow, and red shirt! lol my hair was wack! lol cant wait to see u at the premiere tinsel! :)

ThatSwissTexan 2575 days ago

I love that the life-size cutouts of Edward and Jacob are wearing Burger King crowns. Epic.

Thari_N 2575 days ago

ahh thats awesome! wish i was there!!

FelicityBall 2575 days ago

You are so awesome to do this :)

CarinaFrank 2575 days ago

That is soo nice of you to do that hope you enjoy the premiere

GabyLafara 2575 days ago

how nice of you, Tinsel!!
hugs from Mexico!!

lovesickmelody3 2575 days ago

it's so nice :) You look pretty :*

iluvmuzik2 2575 days ago

its so nice of u to take the time to hang out with the fans at the premier line...XxXx

Kaiiro 2575 days ago


bookjunkie17 2575 days ago

Ahhh I wish I was there with you guys. :(

twifan913 2575 days ago

I so want a bottle like that man has. Go #TeamJacob!!!!

sivanwe 2575 days ago

so nice!

missrobyn 2575 days ago

They are awesome, this is a great picture. I wish there was something like that here, I'd totally wait in line.

DarkAngel2Wolf 2575 days ago

That's awesome! Those ppl are crazy dedicated! Love em!

Claudia_Switz 2575 days ago

Have fun ^^ Hope everyone is having a blast. A shout out from a fan from Idaho (:

Virosleuth 2575 days ago

Hello from a fellow Washington State resident! Have fun everyone!

mkystich 2575 days ago

That's so cool. I don't see any wolf pack shirts...what no love?

Leenii_ 2575 days ago

can u pls send me a lifesize cut out of #JACOB :) . Thanks . X

Barbara_Costa_M 2575 days ago

You're beatiful *-* /I love you - say hi to me? *.* #Brazil