Zak Bagans


Documentary filmmaker, paranormal sensitive/empath/investigator, Host/EP for Travel Channel's #1 rated Series Ghost Adventures Season 9 Premiere's Feb

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2575 days ago


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morganxxbeauty 2497 days ago

haha cool row of skulls on top of the tv.

BronColt1992_88 2513 days ago


sportiegirl3320 2521 days ago

ha wat game u playin there lol

MissIndianaJone 2549 days ago

Atari!!!! Wow, thats a definate relic dude! I think mine eventually became a paperweight, ROFL!

HopeMSwashere 2557 days ago

I still have my atari. I dont own a ps2 or Xbox or anything like that. I always play my atari. old games are the funnest

mcrazykira 2560 days ago

I love my Atari still play it. old games are the best

wigglez234 2564 days ago

go go go you magaet haha co Zak kill kill die you nazi scum hahaha jk i 'm wierd go zak

ObNoXuS 2566 days ago

I like the row of skulls on top of the tv.. nice. Let me
I love old skool games. They kick ass!

FortuneFire23 2566 days ago

Down Time I guess! Nice Zak!

Rosadelapaz 2567 days ago

i still have de super nintendo!

Chibiko999 2568 days ago


Rad_Tot 2568 days ago

how old r u guys because u guys act like my age and i am a junior i high school. lol

DeviantParadise 2568 days ago

Oh man, that's old school.

wickeddv8 2569 days ago

I remember that game, thats kinda sad but....that game rox still

JLW_Official 2571 days ago

way cute...especially with all the little skulls on top of the tv

ShawtyMaynee 2572 days ago

wow, i remember playing that the tv haha

Kimmay_G 2572 days ago

Ur so close to the T.V., ur gonna hurt ur pretty eyes!!

deadrock98 2572 days ago

wow...that is crazy i remember the days of 8-bit and 16-bit video games. wish i had my Super Nes still or even my Gensis.

ccmarieframpton 2572 days ago

OMG, I freakin remember that game. I feel old.

FoolSG81 2573 days ago

did you guys have to do the old blow-in-the-game-catridge trick to get it to work?